Aric Austermann's Roller Coasters

Total Roller Coasters: 433

Total Amusement Parks: 81

Total Rides: 1,358, about one roller coaster ride every 9 days during my life
Total Length: 4,125,741 feet (781 miles), about 341 feet per day
Total Time: 1 day 16:34 hours
Total Inversions: 2,111
Coasters by height: 400 feet: 2; 300 feet: 6; 200 feet: 43; 100 feet: 190

My Coaster Counting Rules

  1. Traveling Coasters are not counted.
  2. If a coaster moves locations and is ridden in both it is only counted as one coaster.
  3. Coasters that change trains or the train is reversed still only count as one coaster.
  4. Dueling/Racing coasters are counted separate except Mobius.
  5. No alpine coasters, water rides, or flat rides pretending to be roller coasters.
  6. For total length and total inversion counts all shuttle coasters are counted twice to account for traversing the track forwards and backwards.